Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Room just got Feng-Shui'd

My dorm room, that is.

So apparently, anything I could've done wrong, I did wrong. One of my family friends came over last night to help me with the fengshui of my room, and she took a look at the floorplan, and was like, did you get sick a lot? With the sickness sticking in your chest? Now, I was sick basically -ALL- semester with a cough right down in my chest. I was, naturally, intrigued by her declaration. And so, she went on to explain the stuff as it related to my room.

First, my room wasn't in the correct -place- for my birth year's natural directions, which actually is East and South. Finally, I realize why I do better in those directions when I play Mahjong. And on top of that, there's a harsh line that cuts through my room, right through the middle, and where my bed was last year, thus the sickness in the chest (I don't quite get that part). Also, I put my fridge and my freezer -under- the bed, and I'm actually not supposed to be putting any electronics there. Oops.

So. I'm to move my bed to the -other- side of the room, sleep in the opposite direction, and put a bookcase there to block all the bad stuff, put my desk and dresser on the other side, and not study at my desk (Hey! I got an excuse to study in the lounge now! After all, fengshui says it'll be good!). On top of all this, I have to get a plant. A golden potho to be specific. A plant. Oh dear. I hope it doesn't die on me. I'll have to find a plant sitter during breaks (and remember to water it myself.)

Also, I'm supposed to stuff as much clothing into the closet as I can, and also put some of my electronics in my dresser, and put some more clothing in the drawer that'll go under my bed. I hope all this fuss will be worth it...

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