Thursday, August 12, 2010


So yes, this is a post about blogging. I started this blog on a whim, partially because I was bored, and partially because I just wanted to have a place I can rant in. Or discuss my obsessions in. Whichever. But in the past few days of forcing myself to post once a day, I've learned something else about blogging.

It gets me in a better mood before I sleep. Usually, I'll post during the day, but sometimes, I'll have nothing really to say, and put it off. By the end of the day, I still have nothing positive to say, but still, I have to think of something to post here.

I made a vow to myself that this would not be the place to air my dirty laundry. In other words, no rants about parents or sisters or money, or anything negative like that. Each post will be something (somewhat) insightful, not just a petty rant. And so, at the end of the day, I'm forcing myself to write -something- before I go to sleep, and I search my mind, and think... and I finally get something. And it isn't negative. Since this happens right before I sleep, well, at least I can say my last thoughts before I fall asleep are relatively pleasant. Which is better than going to sleep mad at my family.

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