Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Waxing. Or what we do for beauty

Who decided that girls should have no hair on their arms and legs? Ow. Ow. Ow.

So, I'm getting professional (read: JCPenny) photos taken tomorrow, and my mom decided that I should have my arms and legs waxed for it (read: sis and mom dragged me to my bed and sat there until I said, ok fine, and took my pants off. That doesn't sound right....).

So, I had my legs waxed. And we ran out of wax. We go out and buy some, and by the time we got back, my dad was home, and I needed to get my arms done. Every time my dad walked by my room, -he- screamed, as if in pain. Way to go dad XD.

And that got me thinking about what we do to 'look good' or something. I know I've started paying more attention (way too much attention) to makeup and (to a lesser degree) fashion. I still hate high heels. But every once in a while, I don't mind wearing them to look not only taller, but also a little more cultured. But they hurt.

And when I got my hair done up in a bun for both proms, it hurt getting all those bobby pins and rubber bands in. And yet, I did it, and enjoyed the results every time.

But who decides these things are beautiful? According to psychology (and my somewhat rusty memory), the most beautiful is the average of everyone we see around us (facially at least). So why do women do these things to themselves?

Beats me. But I still do it. Waste money on makeup, suffer (somewhat silently... ok, fine, not so silently) through waxing, and stumble around with high heels.

I think we're a masochistic race...

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  1. I shaved a leg today! That's kind of like...what you did....I guess?

    Maybe not.