Sunday, December 19, 2010

So, I guess I should write this...

In any case.  The semester has been rather hectic, thus the not updating thingy.  I've done several things I'm rather proud of.  First, I got an A in graphics (yay!), and second, I got a solo in my a cappella group. 


So, my own critique.  I really hate my high notes.  I'm seriously thinking about getting voice lessons to 1) work on my low range, and 2) learn how to use my high range a little better.  It's also unfortunate that the syllable that the high note is on is "li".  So yeah...

But I liked most of the song :D

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A greatest fear

As the semester closes, and my friends start heading home, I'm hit again with one of my biggest fears: being alone. I can't help but want to be with other people, even if they're just silently studying, ignoring everything else around them. I believe this is why I have a compulsive need to work in the lounge. I just don't want to be alone.

Even at the airport, where I know nobody, I feel more comfortable than I do when my dorm is practically empty. At least there's life around me, and I can feel involved in something, even if it is only sitting together at an airport.

This is why I hate the end of the semester, more than anything. At home, my parents or my sister are usually around. During the semester, there's bound to be somebody just hanging out. Just being completely utterly alone is terrifying.

Along with that is my fear of wide open spaces. It's all so empty, without anyone anywhere. Terrifying.