Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Phone

ASo here I am trying it out. It is a smartphone, the first one I've had, so please bear with me here. I am blogging using the phone while I wait for a class that is using the lab to leave.....

In any case. I got a Samsung captivate, and I am already in love. It is a little larger than I expected but that is ok.

I already dled a bunch of apps (like the one I am using to post this). Let me tell you. This is a little odd...
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Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm back?

Maybe. I'm going to try in any case.

In the past few (er more than a few) days, I've done quite a lot. I did Syncopasian auditions. I watched Wicked. I got a potential research job. And I went on Syncopasian Retreat.

By a few days, I guess I mean, since school started again.

Let's start from the top of the list.

Syncopasian auditions. were. hell. Ok, so the first day of auditions, we were there from 8 am to around 9? Auditions only lasted till 7, but then we had to decide on callbacks, and there was drama. By drama, I mean arguments over who to take. Most were rather clear cut, but there were some that were hell. We ended up deciding to take 14? I think for callbacks. That's 4 more than last year. And they were all very very strong candidates. We ended up getting 5 new members! Yay! 4 guys and 1 girl. So we're kinda more balanced now, which is always a good thing.

But before that. I decided to get donuts for the rest of the group, since dunkin donuts was supposed to be open at 8. Guess what didn't open until 9? Sorry guys. But donuts were nice.

Next! Wicked. It was really really awesome. By that I mean I was a little blown away by how -blond- Glinda was. Kevin was right. Glinda is so blond. So blond. Insert hand motions here. But the thing is, I thought that the Wizard moved a lot like Kevin. So Kevin is now: Dr. Justin Beiber Wizard Who. Congrats.

So apparently, I'm not going to be doing research on updating GPS with respect to traffic conditions! This will be great. And the prof. wants me to buy an Android phone. No biggie. XD I'm perfectly ok with that, since he's going to be paying for the phone itself.

Syncopasian retreat was interesting. We learned Dim Sum Girl and did auditions. Didn't get through all 3 songs we wanted to audition, but oh well. What I did want to mention is that I'm a little bitter. It seems that every time people audition, we give out critique and where to change things to make the chances of getting the next audition higher... except me. I got no discussion whatsoever. You know, that kind of hurts. Really. Beyond that, retreat was quite awesome.

So I'm basically caught up now, right?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feet. Pain.

It's kind of odd that my first blog in a while is titled this. But it is true. My feet hurt.

As a group of twelve, we went to watch Wicked, which was amazing, by the way. So... I took the opportunity to get a little dressed up, and put on my heels. They're actually quite comfortable shoes... until you try to run with them. Now, I have four blisters, two on each foot. Make that at least four blisters. Because I think there's another spot that is either a very thick blister, or is forming a blister.

Oh. And I was judged. On the train ride back, I sang a part of a song that I liked, but couldn't remember the words. There were two men across from us, and I felt their judgment. One of them, apparently, played guitar in the orchestra for Wicked. The other male was... happy? I don't really know. But apparently, it was a 'good judgment' instead of 'bad judgment'... but I don't like being judged!

We ended up taking the Saferide to 77 mass ave, but then walking back the rest of the way, since we just missed Cambridge West Saferide. Sad. Feet.