Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feet. Pain.

It's kind of odd that my first blog in a while is titled this. But it is true. My feet hurt.

As a group of twelve, we went to watch Wicked, which was amazing, by the way. So... I took the opportunity to get a little dressed up, and put on my heels. They're actually quite comfortable shoes... until you try to run with them. Now, I have four blisters, two on each foot. Make that at least four blisters. Because I think there's another spot that is either a very thick blister, or is forming a blister.

Oh. And I was judged. On the train ride back, I sang a part of a song that I liked, but couldn't remember the words. There were two men across from us, and I felt their judgment. One of them, apparently, played guitar in the orchestra for Wicked. The other male was... happy? I don't really know. But apparently, it was a 'good judgment' instead of 'bad judgment'... but I don't like being judged!

We ended up taking the Saferide to 77 mass ave, but then walking back the rest of the way, since we just missed Cambridge West Saferide. Sad. Feet.

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