Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am back at MIT everyone!

So after I got back, it was a bit of a of a scramble for all my boxes. First off, we didn't know where they were. But! I'm mostly unpacked now.

It feels so weird being back at MIT. Like, I guess I got used to it being quiet, mostly. Or being used to particular sounds. But here, I'm sitting in the lounge, and there are people, and it's loud and happy.

And there's food.

I didn't eat too much of it! I swear! I was good!

So tomorrow, I'm going to go out and buy some necessities and then like, exercise or something. I promise.

So. A little about my plane ride, which is basically all of today other than unpacking. It was rather standard, and I sat next to an Asian man who worked for Cisco and the window.

So I looked out the window on the landing... and all I see is clouds. So I can see the wing (because I sat basically on top of it), and that's about it. And we finally break the clouds... and OMG THERE'S THE GROUND!

Quite literally. A few seconds after I can actually -see- the ground, we hit the ground. It was kind of crazy, and kind of scary. If I ever had to pilot this plane, well... let's just say, I don't want to -drive- with that kind of visibility, let alone pilot a -plane- with so many more people's lives on the line.

Respect to the pilot, man.

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