Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Greatest Sin

Ok, perhaps not my greatest sin. But definitely ranking up there. I went to ULTA with my mom today. It's like Sephora, but cheaper. I was going to buy black eyeshadow from NYX, but my mom was like, no. Because everyone sells black, and she wants me to wait for a sale at Macy's or something, to get free samples and extras.

In any case, somehow we wandered over to the Urban Decay section. They didn't have everything that Urban Decay sells, which is a little sad, but we did look at eyeshadows. And I ended up buying a really pretty purple one called Freakshow. I was going to get Ransom, and honestly, it's one that I've wanted for a long time, but then I saw Freakshow, and we compared the two of them. Ransom is a really nice purple with a blue undertone, but Freakshow is just a nice pure purple. I put both of them on, and honestly, Freakshow was prettier. We had a $3.50 coupon for ULTA, so I bought it. Horrible horrible me. But oh my god it's such a pretty color.

So Freakshow comes in this little case, with a mirror attached to it. I actually really like the case, because it doesn't open very easily (like, with just a flick of the thumb), which would've made me a little uneasy. However, on the top of the lid, they added a plastic covering, which isn't actually secured onto the case by any real method. Sometimes it doesn't want to stay on, which makes opening it a little odd sometimes.

The case.  Looks small next to my hand, but hey.

And of course:
For some reason, the color looks a lot more blue under this lighting.  It should be more of a royal blue.  Then again, my hand looks oddly pink as well. 

Well, that's all.

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