Saturday, August 14, 2010

Let's go to.... the hospital!

So, here's the reason I didn't manage to post yesterday. I was going to go out to eat with two of my friends, since one was going off to the Caribbean for vacation, but the other friend got -really really- bad cramps. So instead, we bought some food, and went over to her house to eat. We stayed and chatted a bit as we waited for my mom to come pick me up... and then her stomach started to hurt really badly, and she started to hyperventilate.

Of course, there I am panicking a little, and my mom shows up. We get her onto the car, and drive to the emergency room, after calling her neighbor to find out where the nearest hospital was. We get there, the nurses get her to stop hyperventilating, and I basically collapse. Now I was relatively calm the entire trip there, but once she was led into the side room by a nurse, I broke down and cried, I was so worried. I don't quite understand how the body functions, but at least I was able to be calm enough to dig through my friend's wallet to find ID and such before breaking down into useless me. Thank god my mom was there.

So that was last night. I believe I was there in the Emergency Room waiting area until about 1.50 am? or something close to that. My mom drove me home, and I passed out as my mom goes back to check on my friend. (My friend's parents are in China.)

I wake up around 10.30 am, and learned that my friend didn't have really bad menstrual cramps, she had appendicitis. Thank god we went over to her place for dinner. So that's where I was from around 4 until ... 10.30? today. Even with sleeping last night, I'm completely exhausted, and can only wonder how my friend feels now.

Darling, hope you get better soon! <3

Sorry for brief brief brief post. I'm off to bed.

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