Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Post in Cali for the summer

Well, as I sit here, curled around a pillow, whimpering from menstrual cramps, I reflect back on this summer, and all the good habits I now have, and hopefully will (but probably will not) keep during the school year.

First: eating well. I can't really say this is a habit, since it was mostly enforced by my mom. But the whole not eating a lot, and not eating much sweets has changed my taste a little, I guess. I find myself craving, not chocolate (gasp), but a banana. I need to get my head screwed on right. (although I do want chocolate now. Ow.....)

Second: Contacts. I wore contacts practically the entire summer. And I'm really really hoping to continue this during the school year, since it'll force me to wake up just a little earlier. And hopefully I won't fall asleep after putting contacts in. I used to fall asleep after rolling over and putting my glasses on, so... I'm hoping that just getting the cold contact onto my eye will wake me up.

Third: Exercise. I know I complain about exercising a lot. I really do hate exercise. But at the same time, I lost over 15 pounds this summer because of good eating habits and exercising. So I'm hoping that I can get out to the pool once or twice a week and swim for about an hour. Or perhaps just use the treadmill for about an hour twice a week. Anyone want to go with me? We can exercise together! And hopefully my determination to do this won't flag! (again)

Well, that's the top three that I kind of want to keep going. So wish me luck! And try to remind me of them when you see me going against them.

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