Monday, August 9, 2010

Jury Duty

So, I was assigned to jury duty on August, 3.  So why didn't I blog about it until now?  Quite frankly, it's because I forgot that I had jury duty.  Which means I didn't call in, or anything.  So yesterday night, my mom goes "Aiya~ You forgot you had jury duty!"  And of course, I panicked.  I didn't want to pay any fines, or go to jail, or anything.  So today, at work, I called in.

And waited.

And waited a little more.

Who knew that just calling in to see if your group was called was this difficult?

So I waited a little longer until the lines cleared up.  I gave them my participant number, and was promptly told that my group wasn't called, and I was good to go for a year.

Seriously?  Ok, I may have exaggerated the time I waited a little, but when you're really nervous about things like this, time tends to crawl.  I'm glad that I didn't get in trouble, but that seemed quite anticlimactic.

In any case.  They send these summons a month in advance.  I don't remember things that long!  I knew in the back of my mind that I had jury duty at some point, but I never really remembered when it was.  Why couldn't they, I don't know, mail another notice, or email, or call?  They have my personal data from the DMV, after all.

Just frustrated by how this thing runs.  If you never got a driver's license, you don't get called!  Maybe I should've done that just to avoid the headaches that are driving and jury duty.  I'll live... in Boston or something, where there's plenty of public transportation.

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  1. Actually, I heard that it's related to registering to vote, not to your drivers license. :) At least, I didn't get a summons till after I registered to vote in Philly.