Saturday, August 21, 2010


Not mine parents, actually. So my manager for the summer has two daughters, both in high school. In his 'goodbye, it was great working with you' email to me, he wrote in a P.S. that he would be asking me for help with his daughters' college counseling.

And I find that rather amusing. All I can really say is what I did, and what I remember from my own college counselor, which isn't much, but I guess every parent wants every resource possible for their children, even former interns who might have the barest hint of an idea of what colleges want.

And so that got me to thinking. My manager only knew me or a short time, and we've had three long discussions total. But he was willing to open this line of communication for his children. (Granted, I think we got along pretty well as well, so it could be that.) What else would parents do for their children?

I know that my dad has expressed an interest in opening a consulting firm instead, or even just retiring, but to put me and my sis through school he's still working at that job. I know my mom drops basically everything to drive me and my sis around to all our events (mostly me) and extra curricular activities (my sis, obviously). Both of them take time out to help us with our work (especially my dad, since my work is now college level, and sometimes I just can't get a hold of my TA's).

Well, it's completely out of season, but I am thankful for all that my parents have done for me. And I wish good luck to my manager and his daughters!

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