Sunday, August 8, 2010

Theater Festival (and various other San Fran activities)

So I went to San Fran today with a friend to go to the Theater Festival... and we found; a merry go round, an old people's choir, a clown, a playground, and a lot of little kids.  Let's just call it a complete disappointment.

So instead of sticking around, we decided to wander around San Fran.  Of course, we couldn't really get anywhere without paying more money (or walking very far), so we just went to the nearby places.  We went into Walgreen's, the Apple store, and the Ferrari store. 

I don't remember seeing a Walgreen's in Boston, so I just wanted to see the difference between it and CVS, which is all over the place in Boston.  Well, the main difference is that Walgreen's has a lot more food.  Like, bread.  And donuts.  So that was pretty boring.  As we exited, we saw a few gift cards, including a $50 iTunes gift card. 

I don't understand why people give gift cards.  I'd rather just have the money, honestly.  I know it's supposed to be more 'thoughtful', but... Unless I'm an alcoholic or something, and you're afraid I'm going to spend the money on more alcohol, I think I know how to spend money.  Thanks.  And it won't be on money, which I can probably download elsewhere.

We went into the Apple store.  My friend's working for Microsoft this summer, and he called it "a big block of douchiness."  That just had to be repeated.  So we went in, and they had this glass staircase.  We went up, and I almost freaked out.  I already have enough trouble with stairs.  These stairs were transparent, and they bounced a little with each step.  Basically, keep moving, and move fast.  So the Apple store had this auditorium like thing, where a worker was explaining features of iTunes.  We stood there for a moment just to listen and he was explaining the 'get info' function.  And we both just kinda laughed.  That function's been in since the first iteration!

We skipped across the street after that to the Ferrari store.  Everything there was -so- expensive.  There was this adorable teddy bear, with a small leather jacket, a helmet, and goggles, and guess how much it was.  $40.  Seriously.  Because I have that much money to spend on a teddy bear.  Their sunglasses were $175-$400.  Eek!

On the way back... we played minesweeper.  Many many times.  I failed so miserably.  XD

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