Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Prop 8

I really tried. I really really tried. That is, to figure out the side of the National Organization for Marriage. I understand that she feels like she's being attacked, but all I get from this lady is that she's fat and rude. She keeps talking over the other two people, and honestly, she's not giving me a very good impression. She's just insulting the people who started the case. She insulted the very basis of American law, with the judge in the checks and balance. Because people are stupid sometimes. And she insulted the judge. Honestly, she's not making any friends. Judges choose how to do things in the court of -law-. Not opinion. Not prejudice. It's law.

It's not about 'gay marriage'. It's about the right to do what you want to do.
My mom is thankful that I didn't go to Berkeley. Apparently, I'm already too liberal, and she fears what would happen if I had gone to Cal. XD

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