Sunday, August 22, 2010


As some of you may know, I attended my violin teacher's wedding today. It was, let's just say, quite different from the last wedding I attended (my youngest uncle's), which was held in Taiwan.

First off, venue. My violin teacher's Christian, so it makes sense for her wedding to be at a church. My uncle's wedding was in a hotel restaurant. I'll say quite honestly that I think I prefer the restaurant. As an attendee, at least. The seats were a lot more comfortable, for one.

One of the main difference (other than what people said, as a priest and a regular guy says different things) was who said them. At this wedding, it was just the priest talking. At my uncle's, parents talked, friends talked, basically, people who actually knew the people. Granted, they didn't do the ceremony, but it was still nice.

Another one is that we all sat in the church, waiting for pictures to be taken. At my uncle's wedding, we all just started eating right afterward (as the food was right there, and didn't come late from the restaurant like it did at my teacher's wedding). As someone on a forced diet, I hated that hour wait.

Speaking of food, the catering was a little better at my uncle's wedding too, but I think that might be because this is my violin teacher's second wedding, and she probably didn't feel the need to have it be completely ostentatious.

I met some of the other students, some I knew, and some I should've known, and it was pretty interesting talking with them. Poor Andrew. He started learning violin from our teacher since I was two. He kept saying throughout the dinner how he felt old now.

Now the embarrassing part. Our teacher came, and we took pictures... and then she dragged me away. Apparently she decided to show me off. "Look at Tiffany, I taught her since she was 7! She goes to MIT now, and can sing, play violin, and play piano. And she's really pretty!" And I'm just standing there going: "uh.........." and trying to hide. What do you do in a situation like this?

In particular, she showed me off to her sister-in-law (I think) and her niece, who can't be more than 7 years old (she was a cute flower girl). And told her niece that she should grow up to be like me. Honestly, knowing myself, I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

By the way, what significance does "Alpha Omega" in Greek letters have? It was hanging on one side of the... front area, with "I am" on the other side.

(P.S. I had something completely different in mind to write about, but I thought of it on the car ride there... and completely forgot it by the time I got back. That sucks.)

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