Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So, I picked up my old violin today (my sister's using it now), and I just kinda played whatever came to mind first. And played. And played some more. And then I remembered why I even learned violin in the first place. It wasn't to play those big orchestra pieces, or anything, although orchestra was fun. It was because my dad played violin, and I loved listening to the melody line of a song as he played it.

Cheesiness aside, though, I realized that I still play better when I'm playing something by ear than when I'm trying to read off a piece of music. Which is a little sad. I've been playing (or singing) music since I was five, and I still suck at sight reading, and would rather play by ear, even if it wasn't the melody line.

Regardless, I had fun today, just fiddling with my old violin, trying not to make my own eardrums bleed from how off-pitch my notes now were. But now, the pads of my fingers are hurting a little from sliding on those thin metal strings. I'm pathetic.

Seriously. I've played violin for so many years, I go to college, and now my fingers are hurting a little from this? How sad.

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