Friday, July 30, 2010

The Case against Heavy Makeup

I am a cosmoholic. I admit it. Is there a CAA or something? In any case, somehow my mom and I got into a discussion about makeup. In particular, heavy makeup. We started about talking about how I only have browns for my eyeshadow, and how that didn't quite cut it for parties or dances.

And then, my mom goes: "Why would anyone wear heavy makeup? Isn't it horribly inconvenient? After all, your boyfriend can't kiss you like that, because it'll mess up the makeup! Why would anyone like heavy makeup? Why would any guy like their girlfriend to have heavy makeup?"

I cracked up, naturally. I am a cosmoholic. I love makeup. I love buying makeup, and looking at all the colors. I admit it. But I also dislike heavy makeup. In the day, especially, I like making things look more natural, with a little edge. For parties and stuff, well, make it a little shinier. And so, I also dislike heavy makeup. But it was the first time I had ever heard -that- argument against heavy makeup. And so, I laughed.

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