Wednesday, January 18, 2012


If you've talked to me recently, you probably know that I'm going absolutely gaga over BBC's miniseries... series... Sherlock.  Season two just came out in Britain (watched) but isn't scheduled to come out in the US until May. 

I think the biggest problem with Sherlock is that it is difficult to gush about it without having spoilers all over the place.  After all, it is a mystery adventure.  But as of right now, what I can say is that this is definitely something that I will rewatch.  Over and over again.

I think there's something about BBC that puts out such fantastic miniseries all the time.  I enjoyed BBC's Pride and Prejudice, and the few episodes of Merlin I've seen have garnered interest (I will watch those when I have time).  And of course, there's the ever popular Dr. Who (which I must confess I still haven't watched). 

Or maybe it's just that the US doesn't do productions like this often.  Americans are more interested in more more more and instant gratification, which sometimes (read: often) ends up with the TV shows being shorter in length, but longer in duration.  You can easily have 6 seasons for one show, which boils down to this: 1st season, gains following.  2nd season: the best.  3rd-5th season: starting to decline.  6th season: why are you still here.  However, even at its best, these long seasons have nothing on the BBC productions I've watched.  Granted I haven't watched that many, and it is quite possible that I am so impressed with BBC because the ones I've watched are the ones that were big enough in Britain to make it over here.  However, I have to say that there hasn't been a single miniseries or series made in the US that I've liked as much as I've liked these BBC shows.  Some may come close.  I love Castle to death.  But they don't bring the sheer OMG I HAVE TO RE-WATCH THIS NOW emotions out of me. 

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