Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things to complain about

I found that I like complaining. About people, about classes, about items, everything. So this is going to be a post that's filled with complaints.

First off, my arm hurts. I just got my flu shot today, and my arm really really hurts. Like, I can't lift it up above 90 degrees from my body without it screaming in pain. Even at rest it hurts like hell. *cries*.

Second. My lab partner. One of them, at least. Mark just doesn't seem to know how to do things right. Earlier on in the year, we had an assignment, so the 4 of us say, ok, Sunday at 1 in the student center. Leah has a personal emergency, so she couldn't make it. Ok, the three of us will meet. Then Mark doesn't show up. He emails me and George at 1.30 ish saying, oh, he can't make it. Talk about irresponsible. Ugh. He also has the lab notes for this week and the lab writeup is due tomorrow at 10 am, and it's just like. uh... you were supposed to copy them ages ago and give them to us like... Monday or something? Hello! The rest of us did that, why can't you?

Third. Syncopasian. I love my a cappella group, don't get me wrong, but as time passes, I get more and more frustrated. The most irritating thing is that I can't seem to get a solo, even a very minor one, unless it's where they need someone to sing above a high G. Last time I auditioned for something, I didn't even get -comments- from the group. There were 4 of us auditioning for the solo, and Gloria and I get glossed over so they could argue between Adrianna and Diana. Don't get me wrong, they're really great singers, but I feel sad that I don't even get critique, so I don't know what to change. That, and both of them have had -multiple- solos with this group, and I've had 1... only because nobody else liked the song. We chose that song last minute to fill up our program. Seriously. I feel so jilted sometimes. It's especially hard, since my voice range isn't very large on the lower end, so there are many songs I simply -cannot- sing. *sigh* ohwell.

Forth. My arm still hurts. *cries*

Fifth. M.Eng. I really want to get a masters, but at the same time, I'm sick of all the fuss. Since I don't actually know if I'm doing it yet, I can't give a definite answer to many people who are asking me for interviews. I know that if I go in as a full time, I'd have better chances, but I don't want to tell them, oh, I want to work for you full time, and then, if I get into the program, say, oh, I just want to intern there. It doesn't quite work that way.


So that's what's going on now, besides other drama in the wing I live in.

At least no more stalkers? (I think....)

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  1. what was with the you hate boys comments? Also, I know how much it sucks to be in the in between stage... On the bright side, at least you have interviews?

    feel better soon!